Bottom Fishing

Deep Sea – Offshore Fishing

Below are some of the popular fish that anglers target offshore.

Bottom fishing is a popular method for fishing offshore.  Most anglers will target snapper and grouper, but you can catch a variety of fish on the reefs and wrecks.  Amberjack, triggerfish, grunts, sea bass and even sheepshead can be caught offshore on the reefs and wrecks.  Sheepshead are the only species mentioned above that is considered an inshore fish by most anglers, however, sheepshead do move offshore during the winter through early spring during their spawning migration.

Popular Bottom Fishing Rigs

Break Away Rig

Drop Shot Rig

Fish Finder Rig

Party Boat Rig

Porgy Rig

Bottom Fishing Tips

Get the GPS Coordinates

There are plenty of good maps out there with gps coordinates of the nearshore and offshore reefs and wrecks.  Many of the state website will also have free gps coordinates for you to use for your next fishing trip.  These reefs and wrecks will hold lots of fish, so you want to make sure you know the better spots so you can save time and gas.

Use The Right Boat

We don’t ever recommend going offshore with a boat that isn’t made for handling rougher water.  Some people think they can go out when the waters are calm and they might be able to without any problems at all, however, all it takes is one big wave or one storm to pop up and you can be in a life-threatening situation in just minutes.

Go Heavy

You need to go heavy with your tackle when you’re fishing around the rocks and reefs if you plan on catching big fish.  You can sometimes get away with light line, but for the most part you will need line in the 30 to 50 pound test range with 100 pound test leaders.  This is just a starting point.  You may be able to go lighter or need to go heavier with your main line or your leaders.  There are so many things down there that can fray your line and result in your line breaking.  There are also so many big fish out there that can spool you in no time.


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