Area Waters

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake is a good-sized lake with a lot to offer.  The east end of the lake has stained water with lots of weed beds in bays, some islands and reefs too.  The western side of the lake has clearer water with deeper weeds, points and plenty of rocks.  This lake provides good fishing for a variety of fish, however, it is well known for its trophy muskie fishery.  Anglers target walleye, northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass and perch here.  By having some clear water and some stained water, it gives anglers more options without having to change lakes.  On sunny days, the darker water will usually be easier to catch some fish while the overcast days and low light conditions will offer peak fishing in the clearer water.  To have more success in the clear water, use fluorocarbon leaders and stick with 4 to 6 pound test line for walleye and smallmouth bass.  The finesse gear will get you a lot more bites.

Perrault Lake

Perrault Lake is a deep, clear water lake with plenty of shallower water to fish too.  This lake has good fishing for a variety of fish such as walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, muskie and perch.  Some anglers report tough fishing with the clear water, but if you know how to fish clear water, the fishing can be very good.  Fluorocarbon leaders will help you catch a lot more fish and by going with 4 to 6 pound fluorocarbon, you will catch more walleye, smallmouth bass and perch.  If you can get on the schools of fish, you can catch good numbers of fish with some trophy fish potential too.  The low light periods of the day provide some very good fishing, so don’t miss out on the early morning or late evening bite.

Wabaskang Lake

Wabaskang Lake is a good lake for a variety of fish.  With moderately stained water, the lake is very productive and not as difficult to fish as some of the very clear water lakes.  Anglers target good numbers of northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass and perch.  Lake trout and white fish are here too to round out the fishery.  If you want numbers and some big fish potential too, Wabaskang Lake is a good place to fish.

This lake has plenty of rocks, sunken islands, some good weed beds, points, islands and bays, which give anglers lots of options for finding spots to fish.  This lake has some good depth, but plenty of shallower water to fish as well.

West Central Part of Lac Seul
Perrault Falls Area

Just north of town, there is access to Lac Seul, which gives anglers the option to fish one of the better walleye and pike lakes in Ontario.  Many anglers choose to come to the Perrault Falls area for the amazing multi-species fisheries on the area lakes, but at times, the walleye bite can be tough for some anglers for a variety of reasons.  The solution for many of these anglers is to just head over to Lac Seul for a day or two because the walleye fishing is so good for numbers and big fish too.  The pike fishing can also be very good with fish above 40 inches being fairly common.

Wine Lake

Wine Lake is a very good lake to fish and there is a camp on that lake that offers a 25 mile boat-in option.  The fishing is very good on Wine Lake for a variety of fish such as walleye, northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass and lake trout.  The lack of fishing pressure usually makes the fishing a lot better here, so for those of you looking for more of an adventure, this lake may be for you.

Smaller Lakes

This area has so many lakes and many of the smaller lakes can be fished as well with very minimal fishing pressure.  If you have a rowboat or some other type of small boat, you can drive to many of the smaller lakes and just drop your boat in.  You may not see any other anglers out here and these lakes will not have boat launches for bigger boats, but if you want to go exploring, there are several lakes with good fishing for a variety of fish.  The smaller lakes usually are good for pike and panfish, but some will also have bass, walleye and other fish too.  To save time, talk to the resort you are staying with to get some advice on the better lakes and safer lakes to venture into.