Shallow Water

Shallow water muskie fishing can be super exciting.  The shallow water bite is best in the spring, but there are times when you can score big in the shallows during the summer and fall as well.  Usually, low light conditions will help move some muskie into the shallows even during the summer and fall, so first light and just before dark are good times to fish if you don’t want to fish deep water.

Spring is Best

It’s tough to beat the spring time for shallow water muskie.  So many fish can be found in the shallows during this time of year.

It’s Hard to Beat a Bucktail Spinner

Bucktail spinners are definitely one of the best baits for shallow water muskie fishing and the spring is the best time to fish in the shallows.  Put on your favorite bucktail and start covering some water.

Make Long Casts

Making long casts can be the difference in getting bit or just spooking a lot of fish.  Give them a chance to see your lure before they get to see you and you will catch a lot more fish.

Low Light Conditions Are Best

Low light conditions are almost always better for fishing in shallower water.  Fish during the early morning and late evening and you will usually have more success when fishing for muskie in the shallows.

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