Murky Water

Murky water is great for muskie fishing for many different reasons.  For some anglers, fishing murky water just isn’t as enjoyable as fishing a beautiful, clear water lake.  However, for muskie, you can score big by choosing to fish the murky water lakes and rivers over the clear water.

Shallow Water Bite is Better

You will usually have a much better bite in the shallows when fishing in murky water.  It’s harder to sight fish for muskie, but hardly any anglers have success sight fishing for muskie.  The murky water makes fish less likely to be spooked from your boat and you have a better chance for one of these fish to actually strike your bait at the side of your boat.

Steel Leaders Work Better

You will do better with the steel leaders in murky water than in clear water.  So, for some of you anglers who have had a huge muskie snap a 100 lb. fluorocarbon leader, you get the value in being able to use a steel leader instead.

Cold Fronts Don’t Affect The Fish As Much

After a cold front, the fishing can still be tough in murky water, however, it can be a lot tougher in clear water.

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