Muskie will feed at night, however, it may not be for everyone.  There is something about catching a 40 to 50 inch fish with huge teeth and a huge lure with big hooks.  It can be a scary situation during the day time if you don’t know how to handle a muskie, so the night time can be downright frightening for some people.  If you know what you’re doing and the night time doesn’t scare you off, the fishing can be very good in the summer and fall at night.  Spring can be hit or miss as muskie go through their spawn.  Fish the shallows with your favorite shallow water baits and you should be able to catch some fish at night.  The first few hours after sun sets followed by the last few hours of darkness before morning starts are usually going to be the better times to fish.  This isn’t a rule, just some guidelines to help you have some success.

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