Offshore Structure

Fish the Drop-offs

Drop-offs are key to holding all types of fish and muskie are no different.  Muskie will move into these areas to feed on walleye, smallmouth bass, crappie, perch and other fish too.  The drop-offs offshore will be around islands, reefs and underwater humps.

Fish the Islands

The islands can attract a lot of fish and muskie will be there too.  Combine an island with some deep water nearby plus weeds or rock or a wind blowing into it and you can have a nice spot to fish for muskie.

Fish the Reefs

The reefs usually will hold walleye, smallmouth bass and other fish too, which means muskie will check these areas out as well.  Fish the drop-offs and the deeper water just off the drop-offs to see if there are any active muskie in the area.

Fish the Underwater Humps

A good underwater hump that has some good depth on it and around it will provide a good spot for a variety of different fish.  Muskie will move onto these humps to find an easy meal.  The better humps will have some rocks or weeds on them.

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