Fall is trophy time and it could be action time as well if you want to think of it that way.  Most serious muskie anglers think of fall as trophy time because it is by far the best time of year to consistently catch big fish.  It’s also the time of year that many anglers report high catch rates as well.  In the fall, there is less boat traffic and on most bodies of water, much less anglers fishing.  Muskie are definitely more active as water temperatures cool down and with less baits being thrown at them, it’s a little easier to tempt a big fish into biting your lure.

Cover Water

Fish fast or fish slow, but make sure you are covering water.  With so many active fish, you need to get your baits in front as many of them as possible to catch more fish.

Fish With Suckers

As it gets real cold during the end of the fall, it’s tough to beat a lively sucker drifting along.  Many anglers report their biggest catches of the year during this time of year and a lively suck as the bait.

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