Deep Water

If you want to fish for muskie, you really should learn how to catch them in deeper water.  You will catch more fish consistently and bigger fish too if you can figure out how to target them when they go deep.

Summer & Fall

In the summer and fall, there are almost always some muskie that can be found deep.  At times, you’re not going to find many muskie in the shallows at all, so you need to learn how to target them in deep water during these times of the year.

Offshore Structure

It is tough to beat offshore structure in the summer and fall when muskie fishing.  Find some nice drop-offs that hold a lot of bait and you probably found an area that can and will hold some muskie.

Deep Shorelines

A deep shoreline is a good place to target muskie.  You will often find plenty of smaller fish that hang out in these areas and muskie will be there looking for an easy meal.

Learn to Jig

Jigging is a great deep water technique.  Whether you use soft plastics or a jigging spoon, both types of lures are super effective.

Troll for Open Water Muskie

Suspended fish can be so hard to find and target, however, if you can’t find muskie on the structure or in the shallows, you may have to go search for the suspended muskie out in open water.  In the summer and fall, you can often find muskie roaming open water around bait balls.  If you can set out the trolling rods to cover some water, you have a better chance to find these fish.  Use your electronics and when you find bait balls, troll back through these areas if you don’t get bit on the first pass.  Sometimes, you just have to go through these spots at different angles to give the muskie that are in the area a better chance to see your baits.

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