When summer arrives, you usually have more stable weather and consistent warm temperatures.  Muskie feed heavily during the summer and on many of the lakes farther up north, the water doesn’t get so too warm, so the fish stay active all summer.  Fishing up in Canada in the middle of the summer is a lot different than in Kentucky during the mid summer where the fish may get very sluggish and have very short feeding windows.

Most muskie will be in their typical summer homes now.  Search for them on the reefs, points, saddles, weed beds and around islands.  Deep water near shallow water is ideal.  Find the areas that hold good numbers of other fish such as smallmouth bass, walleye, perch and crappie.  These areas will hold some muskie too.  Find the bait fish and muskie won’t be far behind.

Use Bigger Lures in the Summer

Big bucktails, jumbo crankbaits and upsized swimbaits will take a lot of fish in the summer.  You have a lot of options with a lot of different types of lures.  Just make sure to upsize them in the summer and you should be able to entice some muskie to eat.

Fish Deeper

You may still find some fish shallower, however, the better muskie anglers are going to be keying in on deeper water spots.

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