Eating Muskie

Muskie usually aren’t available in big numbers on most bodies of water.  Because of this, muskie are often considered a catch and release fish.  However, there are plenty of action lakes spread out in Minnesota, Wisconsin and in Canada where selective harvest is actually encouraged to try to weed out some of those smaller fish.  For the die hard muskie anglers, they would never consider eating a muskie as these fish are considered the “King of Freshwater.”

If you’re looking to eat a muskie, do a little research and find some of the action lakes out there for muskie.  Some of these lakes could actually do some good from having some selective harvest being practiced on them.

If you do decide to eat a muskie, people report that they do taste good, however, you probably won’t find too many people who have eaten muskie.  Some people compare them to northern pike.  Fry them, bake them or grill them.  You have some options because of the bigger fillets.

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