Muskie will relate to weeds the same way that northern pike use them.  Weeds concentrate lots of smaller fish making them a prime area to cruise when muskies are looking to grab an easy meal.  There are a variety of weeds that produce some big muskie.  Broad-leaved species of cabbage will typically hold more fish, but the time of year and depths nearby will dictate what areas of weeds will be better for muskie.

Cabbage beds in shallow bays will hold lots of fish during the spring and fall.  Jerkbaits, spinners, spoons, shallow crankbaits and topwater lures will catch lots of muskie around the cabbage beds, especially during the spring.  In the summer, these shallow cabbage beds will hold mostly smaller fish if any at all.  Deep humps with cabbage will hold more muskie during the summer and through fall.  Reeds, lily pads and other types of weeds will also hold muskie.  As the water temperatures warm during the summer, most anglers fish deeper.  Trolling, casting and fishing live bait can be effective.  Areas that have weeds with access to deep water can be very productive.  The deep side of the weedline will usually hold way more fish during the summer months.

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