Best Ways to Catch Big Muskie

Use Big Lures

You can catch plenty of big muskie on smaller lures, however, if you go big, you are going to give yourself a better chance at peaking the interest of a big muskie.

Fish Lakes That Have Lots of Lake Trout

Lakes that have good numbers of lake trout in them with a good distribution of sizes tend to grow some very big muskies.  Fish the better lake trout lakes that are home to good muskie populations and you may have a shot at a fish of a lifetime.

Big Suckers are Really Hard to Beat

They are so tough to beat.  A lively sucker is one of the best ways to target big muskie.  If you can slow troll them on the waters you are fishing, this is the best technique to find a big fish.  Learn how to use a quick strike rig so you can release the muskie without any harm to them.  It is easy to gut hook a fish and kill it by fishing this way.

Fish During the Fall

The fall is by far the best time to target big muskie and big fish will bite all the way up to first ice.  Fishing in the cold weather can be brutal, however, if your goal is to catch a very big muskie, fish from mid fall to the end of fall and you will most likely be rewarded.

Learn to Jig Deep Water

Jigging is one of the best ways to target big muskie when they are deep and concentrating on structure.  Find the structure and some bait fish and start jigging soft plastics or jigging spoons and you can find some big fish this way.

Troll Big Lures

Troll big lures to cover more water.  This is a great technique for catching big muskie when they are deep.

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