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Muskellunge are often referred to as muskie or musky.  Muskie anglers have their own niche in the fishing community.  It takes a unique angler to have the patience and perseverance to consistently target muskie.  Muskie are known as the fish “of a thousand casts.”  At times, even experienced anglers will get skunked, but then again, it is also possible to land several muskies on a single outing if everything goes right.


Muskie can be found in a variety of lakes and rivers and they do well in clear water or murky water.  These fish can often be found in deep water, however, they will roam the shallows as well.  They like weeds, but you will also find them around rocks, wood and out in open water.  They are similar to northern pike and can be found in many of the same areas, however, the bigger fish will usually be found just a little deeper.

Muskie Fishing Tips

We have so much information to help you catch more muskie.  Go to our muskie fishing tips page to learn more.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Muskie

Muskie Have Super Sharp Teeth

Their teeth are another level up from northern pike.  While a 40 pound mono or fluorocarbon leader will get the job done with most bigger pike, that will definitely not get the job done against a big muskie.  Many anglers go up to 100 pound mono or fluorocarbon leaders or they just use steel leaders.  Don’t forget the needle nose pliers.  You’re going to need them if you get a big muskie in the boat.

Muskie Will Hit Right at the Boat

Yes, gigantic muskie will follow up lure right up to the boat and will often swim away without biting.  However, some will hit right at the boat with a normal retrieve while others can often be coaxed into hitting with the figure 8 technique.

Muskie Can Get Huge

A 40″ northern pike would be considered a trophy.  For muskie, that would not be considered a big fish even though, it is still a very nice fish to catch.  Muskie grow larger than 50 inches long, so make sure you bring the heavy gear when chasing these fish.

Muskie Love Huge Baits

Whether you are tossing huge lures or drifting gigantic suckers, don’t think that a 12″ bait is big when going after muskie.  Some anglers use baits well over a foot long when chasing muskie.

Muskie Will Eat Smaller Baits Too

Many big muskie have been caught with smaller lures that anglers would consider more for largemouth bass or northern pike.  So, don’t feel like you have to throw gigantic lures all day to catch a muskie because it isn’t the case.