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Muskellunge are often referred to as muskie or musky.  Muskie anglers have their own niche in the fishing community.  It takes a unique angler to have the patience and perseverance to consistently target muskie.  Muskie are known as the fish “of a thousand casts.”  At times, even experienced anglers will get skunked, but then again, it is also possible to land several muskies on a single outing if everything goes right.

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Winter Fishing for Muskie

For most anglers, muskie fishing ends for a while once the lakes start to freeze up.  Some anglers will fish for muskie in the rivers in the winter and the key is to slow down and most anglers will have better success by fishing with live baits from late afternoon through the evening because water temperatures are warmer than during the morning hours.

Down south, there are some waters that provide some good muskie fishing too, however, they usually get pressured quite a bit due to the fact that there aren’t very many places to fish for muskie in the south.

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A Great Season for Trip Planning

If you don’t plan on visiting some of the muskie destinations down south during the winter, this is a great time of year to do some research to help plan your next muskie fishing trip for the upcoming season.

Best Muskie Fishing Destinations