Largemouth Bass

Lake Nipissing

Largemouth bass are available in fishable numbers, although, many anglers do not target them.  Walleye, pike, muskie, perch and even smallmouth bass usually are higher up on most angler’s priority lists, so the largemouth bass have held their own in this lake as a secondary species of fish.  Target the vegetation in the bays and don’t be afraid to fish shallow.  Largemouth bass are smart and they know to survive, they need to stay away from the pike and muskie.  However, largemouth bass do like to spend time in a lot of the areas that pike will be found, so make sure you are using heavier leaders while targeting largemouth bass here.  There are some quality fish in this lake too with some 4 to 5 pound bass caught every year.

French River Largemouth Bass

There are many spots throughout the French River that are home to some very good largemouth bass fishing.  You’re going to find them around the docks and the shallower little bays that have a lot of vegetation.

Georgian Bay Largemouth Bass

The Georgian Bay is close to Lake Nipissing as well and there is some very good fishing for largemouth bass in the shallower bays on the north shores of the Georgian Bay.  Fish the vegetation in these bays and you’ll find some largemouth bass.

Learn More About Largemouth Bass

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