Soft Plastic Crayfish

Soft plastic crayfish (or crawfish) work very well for largemouth bass.  Many anglers fish these baits as trailers on a bass jig, but you can also fish them with a variety of other rigs such as a Texas rig, Florida rig, Drop shot rig, a swimbait hook and many others.  This is a great bait for flippin’ and pitchin’ around shallow water cover or along rocky bottoms.  Largemouth bass love crayfish so you can’t really go wrong by choosing to use a soft plastic crayfish.

Best Rigs for Soft Plastic Crayfish

Bass Jig & Crayfish

A bass jig and a crayfish bait is one of the best ways to fish a bass jig.  Finding the right combination is key.  On some days, they want a bigger crayfish and on others, a smaller more finesse crayfish is the better trailer.

Shaky Head Jig

The shaky head jig is another great rig for fishing with crayfish baits.  By rigging it weedless, you can fish it around all types of cover just like the Texas rig and the shaky head jig allows you to keep the legs of the bait up off the bottom when you pause the bait.  It’s very appealing and helps draw a lot of strikes.

Swimbait Hook

A swimbait hook works great with crayfish baits.  Fish it similar to how you would a texas rig and you’ll catch plenty of bass.  Most anglers think of swimbait hooks as the preferred rig to use for swimbaits.  While some crayfish actually do look good with a swimming motion, it’s not the recommended way to fish them to consistently catch quality bass.  Fish them slow around all types of cover and try experimenting with a more violent jerk then a 5 to 10 second pause.  The swimbait hook gives the bait a gliding action down to the bottom.  This helps with reaction strikes and a lot of bass that don’t hit it on the fall will hit it after it falls to the bottom and stays there.

Best Retrieves

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Hopping a soft plastic crayfish along the bottom with some pauses mixed in is the most popular way to fish them.  Use a consistent jerk or twitching motion or mix it up with an erratic retrieve.  Both techniques work, however, make sure to mix in plenty of pauses as most of your bites will come on the pause.

Crawl Them Along The Bottom With a Steady Retrieve

A slow crawl technique can also be very effective.  Use a slow, steady winding retrieve and just crawl the crayfish along the bottom.  You will get plenty of bites by fishing it this way.

More Tips

Crayfish Are One of the Best Baits To Fish Around Rocky Bottoms

Crayfish love the rocks, so largemouth bass will move into these areas to search for crayfish to eat.  By using crayfish baits in these rocky areas, you will usually have a lot more success.

Bass Jig & Crayfish Are One of the Best Baits For Fishing Around Wood

Bass love crayfish and they love the wood.  While you may not find a bunch of crayfish in these woody areas, a largemouth bass will find a well placed crayfish bait tough to resist in these areas.  A bass jig is probably the best way to rig these baits around the wood, but you you can also fish them alone with a Texas rig, Florida rig, Shaky head jig or any other weedless rig that you want to use.