Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig works well for catching largemouth bass.  The rig is used mostly to fish deeper water around points, near weed edges, and on offshore structure.  Some anglers use lighter weights and they have a lot of success fishing in shallow water for largemouth bass.  Whether you choose to fish it shallow or deep, there are plenty of of live baits and lures to use with this rig.  Nightcrawlers, fathead minnows, shiners, creek chubs, redtail chubs and leeches are the most common live baits to use with the carolina rig.  Among artificial lures, soft plastics are used mostly, but don’t rule out a variety of other baits that may work well for largemouth bass in deeper water.  Crankbaits, spinners, jigs, swimbaits and spoons can all be effective on a carolina rig.