Spinnerbaits are right up there with lipless crankbaits as one of the top search baits for bass fishing.  You can fish spinnerbaits in so many different areas and have a lot of success.  Spinnerbaits catch good numbers of bass and give you a great chance of landing a trophy-sized bass.  It’s just a great fishing lure for bass.

Fish Them Around Cover

This sounds basic, but too many anglers just throw the spinnerbait in open water.  That can be effective, but you will catch a lot more bass if you can get that spinnerbait as close to the cover as possible when targeting largemouth bass.

Fish Them Shallow

Spinnerbaits are one of the best shallow water lures for largemouth bass.  You can cover a lot of water and catch a lot of fish in that 1 to 6 foot depth range.

Fish Them Deeper

When bass go deeper, use a heavy spinnerbait to get down deep.  Most anglers report better success by trying to match the colors of the spinnerbait to the actual bait fish that the bass are feeding on in that deeper water.  For many bass that are deep, bait fish will be a big part of their food source, so get a spinnerbait that resembles some of the forage fish and you can do well.  This is also a good time to use some of those spinnerbaits that give off a schooling look to them by having multiple blades.