Table Rock Lake Largemouth Bass Fishing

Table Rock Lake is known for its excellent largemouth bass fishery.  It’s definitely a numbers lake with some big bass potential.  If you know how to fish clear water, you can definitely catch a lot of bass here.

Finesse It Up For Clear Water

The clear water can make the fishing difficult for anglers who don’t know how to fish clear water.  You can go with heavier tackle, however, many anglers will go with very light tackle as they finesse it up for clear water.

Use fishing line in the 6 to 8 pound range.  If you aren’t using fluorocarbon, you need to at least add a fluorocarbon leader to keep your baits as natural looking as possible.  Use lighter action rods and reels as well to go with the lighter line.  You will get a lot more bites with the lighter fluorocarbon line when fishing clearer water.

Fish the Docks

There are so many docks to fish on Table Rock Lake and there are a good amount of them that are plenty deep enough to be productive largemouth bass spots.  The docks are definitely much better in the spring for largemouth bass, but anglers catch largemouth bass around the docks from all year.

Fish the Rocks

There is a lot of rock in Table Rock Lake.  The chunk rock is known for being great cover for crayfish and you can find plenty of largemouth bass in these areas feeding on the crayfish.  There are a lot of good spots that have rock on them, so find the appropriate depth for the time of year you are fishing for better results.

Fish the Points

There are so many primary and secondary points throughout Table Rock Lake.  For many anglers, they just go from point to point and catch one bass here, one bass there with the goal of hoping to run into a bigger school of bass at some point.  This is definitely a pattern you can use here year round.

Fish the Shorelines

For many anglers, they will just beat the shorelines with their favorite bass lures.  This can be very effective with all the shoreline cover.  This is usually a better technique in the spring though as bass are all over the shallows getting ready to spawn.

Fish the Weeds

Weeds are definitely not abundant on Table Rock Lake.  For many anglers, weeds won’t even be in their minds when they are thinking about hitting all of their best spots from one day to the next.  There just aren’t a lot of weeds here and since there is so much good timber that holds bass, the wood seems to be the much more reliable pattern.

Fish the Wood

There is a lot of flooded timber in Table Rock Lake and largemouth bass will be found around a lot of the wood.  It is one of the better patterns to fish on the lake.  You just have to find the wood in the depths that match with the time of year you are fishing.  With the clear water, you may be fishing several feet deeper than you would on murky lakes, so get used to using your electronics to find some of the wood that is found deeper here.

Best Baits for Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass will eat so many different baits and there are so many different lures that are made for catching these fish.  Anglers have more options than they really need, but since we have all these options, it’s nice to know about the different baits that are available.

Minnowsnightcrawlers and leeches are definitely the best live baits for largemouth bass.  When it comes to artificial lures, you have so many options.  Soft plastic wormslizardscrayfish baits and minnows work great.  Hard baits such as crankbaitstopwater luresspinnerbaitsjigs and jerkbaits are also all awesome choices for largemouth bass.

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Best Rigs for Largemouth Bass

There are so many different rigs for largemouth bass.  While you definitely don’t need to use all of them to consistently catch bass, it is important to learn how some of the rigs will help you fish certain areas or certain baits in a way to catch more fish.  Most good bass anglers will use several different rigs in a variety of situations to consistently catch quality largemouth bass.

The standup jigheadTexas rigdrop shot rigwacky rig and Carolina rig are definitely some of the best rigs for largemouth bass page.

Best Techniques for Largemouth Bass

There are many different techniques that are used for largemouth bass fishing.  Casting a variety of baits to cover water is most popular, however, flipping & pitching is one of the best ways to catch bass around shallow water cover.

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Learn More About Largemouth Bass

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