Lake of the Woods is home to some fantastic walleye fishing.  Whether you fish the Minnesota or Ontario portion of the lake, you will have a good shot at catching good numbers of walleye with some very large fish too.

We have set up different websites for all the popular regions on Lake of the Woods.  Take a look below to learn more about the fishing in the different parts of Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods Kenora, Ontario – Walleye Fishing

Kenora, Ontario Fishing

Kenora is a well-known walleye fishing destination on Lake of the Woods.  The walleye fishing is fantastic here for numbers of fish, so you should have no problem catching enough fish to eat.  There are also plenty of big walleye in this area.  Walleye in the mid to upper 20 inch range are fairly common and fish up to 30 inches are possible.  With all of the islands, bays and points in this area, there are so many places to target walleye and you should be able to find plenty of places to fish on windy days.

Lake of the Woods Morson, Ontario – Walleye Fishing

Morson, Ontario Fishing

Walleye can be found in large numbers in the Morson area on Lake of the Woods.  This area is so good because you have so many options.  Open water on the main lake is a short boat ride and Sabaskong Bay offers excellent walleye fishing around the islands, points and offshore reefs.

Lake of the Woods Nestor Falls – Walleye Fishing

Nestor Falls, Ontario Fishing

The Nestor falls area is home to some excellent walleye fishing.  Anglers usually have no problem catching good numbers of walleye on this part of the lake and big fish are caught here too.  If you take a look at the map, you’ll see that Nestor Falls is a decent boat ride from the main lake.  In the spring and fall, you can usually catch a lot of walleye without having to make long boat rides, but in the summer, anglers do a lot better in Sabaskong Bay to the west and up north in Whitefish Bay.

Lake of the Woods Sioux Narrows – Walleye Fishing

Sioux Narrows, Ontario Fishing

The walleye fishing is outstanding in the Sioux narrows area on lake of the woods.  In this area, there are tons of bays, islands, channels and plenty of areas to duck out of the wind and still catch some fish on windy days.  Early in the season, you have a better chance of catching good numbers of walleye without having to travel far.  When mid-summer arrives, good numbers of walleye will move out onto the main lake and many of the walleye anglers will make the boat ride out to target these fish each day they are here visiting.  If you are looking to target walleye, you can definitely have a lot of fun fishing this part of the lake.

Lake of the Woods Northwest Angle – Walleye Fishing

LOTW Northwest Angle Fishing

The Walleye fishing is very good out of the northwest angle just like the rest of this lake.  Good numbers of walleye are caught here with some very big fish up to 30 inches.  Anglers typically catch their limits of walleye and you have the option to fish Minnesota or Canadian waters.  This area also offers a little more protection from the wind than on the south shore.

Lake of the Woods South Shore – Walleye Fishing

South Shore LOTW Fishing

The Walleye fishing is excellent on the south shore of Lake of the woods.  When the walleye are in the shallows early in the season, fishing can be great along the shorelines, but once summer patterns set in, most anglers fish the deeper reefs and mud offshore.  The wind can definitely create some big waves in this open water, so a quality boat is needed on windy days if you’re going to be fishing offshore.  This part of the lake has plenty of eater-sized walleye to go along with trophy-sized fish up to 30 inches.