Northern Pike

Northern pike are found throughout Lake of the Woods.  Some areas will definitely give you a better chance of catching more of them or a bigger one, but you can definitely expect to catch some northern pike throughout the entire lake if you target them.  Northern pike up to and above 40 inches are common throughout the lake, so don’t be shocked if you end up with a giant pike on the end of your line.  Whether you are looking for action or a big fish, you should be able to have a nice fishing trip if you want to target northern pike on Lake of the Woods.

We have set up different websites for all the popular regions on Lake of the Woods.  Take a look below to learn more about the fishing in the different parts of Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods Kenora, Ontario – Northern Pike Fishing

Kenora, Ontario Fishing

The Kenora part of Lake of the woods has some very good Northern Pike fishing.  Many anglers come here to fish for walleye to eat, then they target northern pike for the action.  You won’t be disappointed here.  There are plenty of bays that attract northern pike during the spring and fall and you can fish the deeper water near the points and islands once these fish go deeper in the summer.

Lake of the Woods Morson, Ontario – Northern Pike Fishing

Morson, Ontario Fishing

Northern Pike fishing is good in the Morson area on Lake of the Woods.  Anglers do target them in this area and you can catch good numbers of these fish with some very big fish up to and above 40 inches long.  In the Morson area, you will find plenty of islands, points, bays and reefs that will hold pike throughout the season.  The bays and areas with weeds will hold good fish during the spring and early summer, but the better fishing is usually much deeper during the summer and fall.

Lake of the Woods Nestor Falls, Ontario – Northern Pike Fishing

Nestor Falls, Ontario Fishing

If you come here to target pike, you should be able to catch good numbers of them and big fish up to and above 40 inches are caught here every year.  Fish the numerous bays, islands and points and you should be able to catch plenty of northern pike.  There is a lot of shallower water in this part of the lake mixed in with plenty of deep water too.  All of the shallow water gives vegetation a chance to grow, which is great for holding lots of northern pike.

Lake of the Woods Sioux Narrows, Ontario – Northern Pike Fishing

Sioux Narrows, Ontario Fishing

The Sioux narrows is a great area to target northern pike with all of the bays, channels, islands and points.  There are so many places to fish out of the wind that you can usually still find plenty of pike even on windy days.  You will find plenty of vegetation here in the bays that you should easily be able to find plenty of pike willing to bite.

Lake of the Woods Northwest Angle – Northern Pike Fishing

LOTW Northwest Angle Fishing

Northern pike fishing is excellent out of the northwest angle.  Many anglers report that the better fishing is on the Canadian side, but there are plenty of pike to catch in Minnesota waters too.  This is one of the better parts of the lake if you’re looking to target a bigger pike, but still get plenty of action as well.

Lake of the Woods South Shore – Northern Pike Fishing

South Shore LOTW Fishing

The northern pike fishing can be excellent on this part of the lake, but it is a little different than the rest of the lake.  Because the lake can be rough due to it being so open, anglers need larger boats to fish the offshore structure here.  If you want to come to this part of the lake to target pike, your best bet is early in the season when they are in the bays, near the creek or river mouths and along the shorelines.