Lake of the Woods is home to some good crappie fishing, however, if you don’t time your trip to be here while the crappie are in the shallows, it can be difficult to find them.  Once these fish start roaming deeper waters, anglers have a tough time finding them and since the bite gets really good for walleye and smallmouth bass with nightcrawlers and leeches during the summer months, many anglers will never see a crappie while on their fishing vacation.  However, if you like to fish with live minnows, the odds of catching some crappie will go up and if you find a big school of crappie in deeper water, you can experience some awesome fishing for them.

We have set up different websites for all the popular regions on Lake of the Woods.  Take a look below to learn more about the fishing in the different parts of Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods Kenora, Ontario – Crappie Fishing

Kenora, Ontario Fishing

The Kenora area does have some good crappie fishing, however, they are secondary here.  Fish some of the weed beds early in the year for some of the best crappie fishing you will find here.  Once they go deeper, they are harder to find, however, there are some huge schools of crappie on this lake.  If you find them, you may catch a bunch of fish in a hurry.  If you don’t, you may end up catching smallmouth bass and walleye instead.

Lake of the Woods Morson, Ontario – Crappie Fishing

Morson, Ontario Fishing

Crappie are secondary on Lake of the Woods and that is no different in the Morson area.  However, with all the bays, islands, points and offshore structure, there are so many good places where crappie could be in this area.

Lake of the Woods Nestor Falls, Ontario – Crappie Fishing

Nestor Falls, Ontario Fishing

Crappie are secondary on Lake of the Woods, however, you can still find fish in this part of the lake.  For most anglers, they don’t come here for the crappie, but they do report catching some while targeting walleye with smaller minnows.

Lake of the Woods Sioux Narrows, Ontario – Crappie Fishing

Sioux Narrows, Ontario Fishing

Crappie can be caught in this area of Lake of the Woods, however, they are a secondary species of fish here.  This part of the lake warms up later since it has very deep, clear water.  There are plenty of bays and shorelines with some rocks, wood and weeds that will draw crappies into them during the spawn.  This is the easiest time of year for anglers to target them because once they go deep for the summer, it can be difficult tracking them with all the deep water in the Sioux Narrows area.

Lake of the Woods Northwest Angle – Crappie Fishing

LOTW Northwest Angle Fishing

While crappie are definitely secondary in this area, there are plenty of anglers that do go out and target these tasty fish.  Anglers report the crappie fishing is usually much better on the Canadian side than the Minnesota side, so make sure you are prepared to fish the Canadian waters while visiting here.