Snook are another common fish among inshore anglers.  Snook are similar to largemouth bass, but much bigger.  Snook hang out around docks, rock piles, bridges, trees, mangroves, inlets and backwaters.  Bass fishermen usually have no problem learning how to catch snook.  The types of baits are different, but the types of cover that hold snook are very similar to where bass would hang out if they were a saltwater species.  Snook feed on shrimp, crab and bait fish, so flies that imitate these types of food will work well to put more snook in the boat.

Snook also tend to feed much better when there is some type of current.  Moving water is great for snook fishing.  Since snook like moving water and most types of cover and structure, catching big snook can be challenging on a fly.  In some situations, fly fishing may not be the best way to go because you have a good chance of having a big snook getting you snagged in some mangroves, under a dock or around the pier.  This might be the exact thing that gets so many fly fishermen exciting about catching a snook on a fly.  It can definitely be a challenge.