Largemouth Bass

Fly fishing for largemouth bass is not very popular among bass fishermen, but there are plenty of anglers out there that enjoy catching a largemouth bass on the fly rod.  It can be exciting because largemouth bass can be caught on the surface in shallow water.  Shallow weeds, flats, shady docks and timber are great areas to target largemouth bass on a fly. Hair bugs, popper flies and streamers are the flies you should be looking at if you want to target largemouth bass.  For most anglers just getting started with fly fishing, the ponds are a great way to learn and the bass usually don’t see very many of the baits that you will be using on your fly rod.  This will help you get more bites.  On lakes and rivers, fly fishing may be a little more difficult from the boat and around all the different types of cover you may be fishing.  It can still be productive just a bit more challenging at times.