Redfish are a favorite of many fly fishermen.  You can often find many fish tailing on the flats in the morning.  If you can present a crab or shrimp fly pattern to these tailing redfish, you should be able to catch a few of them.  Redfish are easier to catch than bonefish or permit, but they can still be spooked, so make sure to stalk them carefully.

One of the nice things about targeting redfish on the flats with a fly is that there is typically a lot of room for a redfish to run free from snags.  While it may be challenging to land a monster snook in the mangroves on a fly, it is a lot easier to land a monster redfish off of the flats with a fly.  Redfish are one of the best saltwater fish to target for fly fishermen.  If you find schools of redfish on the flats, you get the chance to catch a lot of fish on your fly fishing rod and more importantly, you have a great chance of landing a trophy-sized fish.