Fly Line Weights: Choosing the Right Fly Line

When choosing fly line weights, it’s important to pick the right line for the right situation. We put together some recommendations for you to have a better idea of what size fly line you will need for what situation you may be fishing.

Fly Line Weight 0-3

Small fish – panfish, very small trout, small bass (pond fishing)

Fly Line Weight 4

Fine for panfish, good for small trout and average-sized trout, not ideal for big trout though.  Best for smaller rivers and streams where you don’t need to make longer casts.

Fly Line Weight 5

This is the size that most trout anglers use.  When in doubt, go with 5 if you’re trout fishing.  Fine for small bass in ponds or smaller smallmouth bass in rivers.

Fly Line Weight 6

Can’t go wrong for most trout situations.  Small trout won’t be as fun, but you have a better chance to get a big fish in.  Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass.

Fly Line Weight 7

Bigger largemouth & smallmouth bass, small salmon, and steelhead.

Fly Line Weight 8+

These weights are designed for big fish that you would find in saltwater or very big salmon, northern pike, muskie, etc.