This area has some awesome muskie fishing.  It is home to some of the best action lakes for muskie and Eagle Lake which is a world class muskie lake with some absolute monsters.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is one of the top drive-to muskie fishing lakes in Canada.  You can expect to catch good numbers of muskie and run into some trophy-sized fish too.

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Indian Lakes Chain

This chain of lakes consists of 9 lakes and almost 30 miles of shorelines to fish.  It is known as an outstanding muskie fishery for numbers and it has some big fish too.  Anglers also target walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass and perch on these lakes.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a large, deep, clear lake that is known for its awesome muskie fishing.  It’s one of the better action lakes for muskie in the area.  Good muskie anglers have multiple fish days consistently from summer through fall.  Anglers also target smallmouth bass and walleye here, but plan on fishing pretty deep if you are here in the summer or fall.

Corner Lake

Corner Lake is a decent-sized lake just south of Blue Lake and just minutes from the center of town.  It is a pretty good fishing lake for muskie, walleye and pike.

Using Leaders for Muskie

Muskie have some serious teeth.  Use quality steel leaders to avoid bite-offs.  If you are fishing clear water, you may need to go with a fluorocarbon leader to get bit.  Most anglers will not go any lighter than 100 lb. fluorocarbon for muskie and don’t be shocked if you lose a big fish due to a bite-off.  Some anglers go as heavy as 140 to 150 pound fluorocarbon.  Ideally, you want to be as stealthy as you can so you can get more bites, but if you go too light with the fluorocarbon, you risk losing fish and possibly killing some big fish due to the lures getting stuck in their mouths.

Best Baits for Muskie

There are many types of baits to target muskie.  Anglers don’t have as many options when using live baits since many of the fish that muskie eat can not be used as bait.  Suckers and big chubs are usually the best options for most anglers that want to use live bait.  For artificial lures, there are a variety of big baits to throw.  Most anglers fish with bucktail spinners, some type of swimbaittopwater lure or jerkbait when chasing muskie.

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Live Baits for Muskie

Lures for Muskie

Best Rigs for Muskie

There aren’t too many different rigs for muskie fishing because you only have so many options for throwing some of the gigantic baits needed.  Also, most anglers use lures for muskie or big sucker minnows, so you really don’t need too many rigs to target muskie.  However, there are still several rigs you should know about, especially if you are going to be using live bait.

The Carolina rigdrop shot rig and quick strike rig are some of the best rigs for muskie.

Best Techniques for Muskie

Anglers use a variety of techniques for muskie.  Casting is most popular, but jigging and trolling are also very effective techniques.  Learn more about some of the best techniques for muskie page.

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Our muskie fishing section has tons of tips on the best lures, live baits, where to catch them and how to catch them.

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