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Vermilion Bay is a small town located on Eagle Lake.  Many people come here to fish Eagle Lake, however, there is a lot more here than just Eagle Lake.  There are some bigger lakes that are home to some very good fishing for muskie and walleye.  The smaller, backcountry lakes offer good fishing for lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike, panfish and some walleye too.  Some people use Vermilion Bay as their home base on their vacation, but then they hit up multiple different lakes to fish on their trip.

Primary Species of Fish

Muskie, Walleye & Northern Pike

This area is awesome whether you fish Eagle Lake or the other area lakes.  Muskie are huge on Eagle Lake and you can target them on other lakes here too.  The walleye fishing is good with trophy fish available and you can find plenty of pike in the area lakes as well.  Muskie are very abundant here on the Indian Lakes Chain and on Canyon Lake.  Pike can be found in most of the waters here, but it is more of a numbers fishery on many of the better lakes with some big fish mixed in too.  Walleye are here as well with some trophy fish too.  It all depends on the lakes that you choose to fish, so choose wisely if you are searching for a specific fish on a trip here.

Secondary Species of Fish

Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout & Perch

Smallmouth bass, perch and lake trout are secondary here.  Depending on where you go will dictate how the fishing will be for you.  Some of the lakes offer very good smallmouth bass fishing, but don’t expect to catch huge numbers of them on most of the lakes in the area.  The same thing can be said for lake trout.  You have some very good fishing lakes for lake trout, some lakes with none at all and some lakes with low numbers of them.  Perch are available too but unless you find a backcountry lake with lots of them, we don’t recommend planning a trip to specifically target these fish.

 Fishing Tips

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 Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Vermilion Bay, Ontario is in Zone 5)