Lake Trout

The lake trout fishery is solid in this area.  On Eagle Lake, there is a healthy population in there and they aren’t targeted very hard due to the good fishing for walleye, pike, muskie and smallmouth bass.  The Indian Lake chain also offers some good fishing for lake trout.  You have some other options too with some of the smaller lakes in the Vermilion Bay area.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is located in northwestern Ontario about 120 miles north of International Falls, Minnesota. There is plenty of water to fish with over 68,000 acres of water and over 400 miles of shoreline. Eagle Lake is a great lake for catching walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskie. There are plenty of fishing resorts and lodges located on the lake.

Indian Lakes Chain

This chain of lakes consists of 9 lakes and almost 30 miles of shorelines to fish.  It is known as an outstanding muskie fishery for numbers and it has some big fish too.  Anglers also target walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass and perch on these lakes.

Blue Lake

Blue Lake is a beautiful lake with crystal clear waters and a long sandy beach.  the Blue Lake Provincial Park is here, so plan on seeing quite a few people when fishing here, but it’s worth a trip here to check out the lake.  Anglers target lake trout, smallmouth bass and northern pike.  In summer and fall, you’re going to need to fish deeper and fluorocarbon line will definitely help you get more bites.

Gordon Lake

Gordon Lake is a 200-foot deep little jewel that is just boiling with Lake Trout. The Lake Trout fishing is so spectacular that he has guests that stay at his camp and walk the short portage every day. Lake Trout are the dominant species in the lake and are common in the 1 to 5-pound range but tons of trout in the 6 to 12-pound range get caught and released.

Other Backcountry Lakes

The smaller, backcountry lakes give anglers all kinds of options if you don’t mind fishing some of these lakes in a rowboat or kayak.  Many of the smaller lakes in the area will have areas to launch your boat, but you will need a 4×4 truck or SUV.  There are several lakes worth fishing that won’t have a launch, so you can just drop a rowboat, kayak or inflatable.

The smaller lakes in this area will have a good variety of fish.  Most will have some pike in them.  Some lakes have some walleye.  Several lakes have good lake trout fishing and you can find some smallmouth bass here too.

Learn More About Lake Trout

Our lake trout page has information on the best live baits, lures, where to catch them and how to catch them.  Visit our lake trout page to learn more.