Rock Bass

There are some rock bass in the Winnipeg River system.  Anglers usually catch some rock bass while fishing with smaller lures for smallmouth bass or when using some live baits while targeting walleye, perch or bass.

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Crappie can be found in the Winnipeg River System, but they are a secondary species of fish for sure.  Most anglers catch them on accident while targeting perch or walleye.  On some waters, you can catch them in good numbers and the spring time is usually the best time to target them as these fish move into the bays to spawn.  Find some vegetation or wood in the shallows and you’ll most likely find some crappie during the spring.  In the summer and fall, they go deeper and are harder to find.  Fish the deeper weed edges or try to find schooling fish on offshore structure.

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Yellow Perch

Perch are here in good numbers in many of the waters throughout the Winnipeg river system.  Most anglers target walleye and catch some perch at the same time, however, if you want to downsize your baits a little and target them exclusively, there are a lot of good places to catch them here.  Find some vegetation and you’ll most likely find some perch.  The rocks and open water structure will hold plenty of perch as well.

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