Fishing Calendar

Fishing Minaki, Ontario in the Spring

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 31° / 8°
April 48° / 26°
May 63° / 40°

In the spring, the fishing can be very good here.  Once the walleye opener arrives, anglers will be able to target walleye, pike and perch in the shallows along the shorelines and in the bays.  Towards the end of May, warmer water temperatures bring the smallmouth bass all over the shorelines too and the fishing can be flat out awesome.

Fishing Minaki, Ontario in the Summer

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 72° / 49°
July 78° / 56°
August 74° / 53°

In the summer, the fishing stays good here on the Winnipeg River system with anglers targeting a variety of fish.  Early in the summer, you can still catch a lot of fish shallow, but then as water temperatures warm, summer patterns will set in and some of the better pike, walleye and smallmouth will head deeper.  The muskie opener brings a lot of anglers to this area as well with some very big muskie available.

Fishing Minaki, Ontario in the Fall

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 62° / 43°
October 49° / 34°
November 30° / 17°

In the fall, the fishing stays strong, but since Minaki is so far north, it does get cold early up here.  Anglers do very well with walleye, pike, bass and muskie as they put the feed bag on before winter.

Fishing Minaki, Ontario in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 14° / -5°
January 10° / -11°
February 18° / -6°