Barracuda are found inshore on the flats, around bridges, near mangroves and offshore on the reefs and wrecks.  These fish are opportunistic feeders and they will show up wherever they can find an easy meal.

Fishing Rigs

There are a variety of rigs that will work to help you catch barracuda.  Because barracuda can be found from shallow to deep, you may need an array of different rigs to catch these fish.

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Live & Natural Baits

Barracuda will eat just about any bait fish that it can gets its teeth around.  They aren’t picky.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

Use medium-heavy to heavy action rods and reels.  Spinning rods and reels are fine for live bait rigs, but you may want to go with your heavier baitcaster gear if you are casting lures for them.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

20 to 50 pound line will work just fine with wire leaders or a 100 pound fluorocarbon leader.

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Eating Barracuda

They are fun to catch, but they are not very good table fare.  Most fish are released immediately.