Best Techniques

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is a very popular technique when barracuda are on the reefs and wrecks in deeper water.  Use jigs, jigging spoons, live baits or cut baits.  They will all work.


Casting is a popular technique, especially when fishing inshore, from the surf or piers.  For the freshwater anglers that enjoy fishing for northern pike, barracuda are a bigger, stronger, faster version and they can be caught similarly.  Fan cast the good looking spots and cover water to find active barracuda.


Drifting is a popular live bait or cut bait technique.  If you find some structure near shore or offshore, you can have some success by drifting over it.

Still Fishing

Still fishing is not a very popular way to fish for barracuda, but it can be very effective, especially if you are fishing a reef or wreck over deeper water.  Inshore, some anglers will just cast out a bait and let it sit.  It works as long as you are fishing productive spots.


Trolling is a very popular technique for barracuda.  Anglers like to troll crankbaits and spoons mostly, however, there are a variety of rigs and baits that will work when trolling for barracuda.