Best Lures

These tube lures may not seem like anything special and they really aren’t, however, when fished with an erratic, jerkbait retrieve, you can do real well with them when fishing for barracuda.  Some anglers make their own, however, there are enough manufacturers now that make them so you have plenty of good options for finding these on the market.

Crankbaits come in a variety of sizes and are made for fishing many different depths.  Whether you are fishing shallow, deep or in between, there are plenty of crankbaits that will tempt barracuda into eating.  Most anglers cast them, but trolling can be very effective too.

Hair jigs are some of the best lures for saltwater fishing and they work great for barracuda too.  Jig them with an erratic pop and fall retrieve and you will get some bites.  Most of your bites are going to come on the fall.  Some anglers will tip these jigs with live baits as well and that can be very effective as barracuda will take most live baits that are pitched in their general vicinity.

Jerkbaits can be effective for barracuda fishing.  The soft and hard jerkbaits will both work.  When barracuda are cruising in the shallows, these baits are pretty tough to beat.  Twitch them erratically and make sure to mix some pauses in.  The erratic action will get them excited and many of your bites will come on the pause.

Swimbaits can be effective for barracuda.  Find some fish that are actively feeding in the shallows and you should be able to get some bites by throwing swimbaits.  The heavier swimbaits can also be effective in deeper water when the bite is on.  At times, swimbaits won’t be as effective as other lures, but when the bite is on, these are great baits for covering some water and finding active fish.

When barracuda are in the shallows or feeding near the surface, a well-placed topwater lure can draw an exciting strike from a feeding barracuda.  At times, the topwater lures won’t draw many strikes, but at other times, these lures can work really well and cause some amazing strikes on the surface.


Casting spoons can be very effective, especially, when these fish are in the shallows.  In deeper water, most anglers would be using jigging spoons or trolling with trolling spoons.  You can troll with casting spoons too, however, there are spoons specifically made for trolling.

Jigging spoons work great for barracuda when you are fishing deeper water.  Barracuda can often be found on the nearshore and offshore reefs and wrecks and a well placed jigging spoon is a great way to catch these fish.

Trolling spoons can be very effective for barracuda.  Some anglers enjoy trolling for barracuda and a trolling spoon is a good lure to troll with.  Make sure you’re getting your spoons down to the appropriate depths and you will catch more fish.