Little Vermilion Lake

This lake is next to Big Vermilion Lake and the fishing here is very good.  Many anglers prefer Little Vermilion to Big Vermilion because the action is usually better and there are plenty of trophy fish here as well.  The smallmouth bass fishing is awesome here and you can also catch muskie and northern pike.  The fishing pressure is minimal due to the lack of walleye.  Most anglers come to this area to fish for walleye, so this lake is like a hidden treasure for those of you that like to target bass, pike and muskie.


Little Vermilion Lake is a good muskie lake.  It has numbers of them and big fish too.  It’s a lot easier to get bit here than on nearby Big Vermilion Lake.  Some anglers report multi-fish days with big fish in the upper 40 inch range and even bigger.  Every day won’t always be an easy day when chasing muskie, but this is one of those lakes that puts out a lot of fish all season long.

Northern Pike

The northern pike fishing is very good on Little Vermilion Lake.  You have good numbers of them to go along with some very big fish up to and above 40 inches long.  Many anglers come here to target muskie and they will catch some very nice pike while doing so.

Smallmouth Bass

Little Vermilion Lake is an outstanding smallmouth bass lake.  Anglers catch lots of smallmouth early in the year when these fish are all over the shorelines.  When the bass move deeper, they can be harder to catch for many anglers, but if you know how to pattern smallmouth bass deeper, you can still catch a lot of bass here from mid-summer through fall.  It’s a big numbers lake with lots of big bass too.