Gullrock Lake

Gullrock Lake is a very popular drive-to fishing lake in Ontario.  It is part of the Gullrock Chain of Lakes.  Red Lake is the headwaters of this system.  Water flows into Keg Lake, then Gullrock LakeRanger Lake & Gullrock Lake flow into Two Island Lake.  Gullrock Lake is known as one of best drive to lakes for catching ridiculous amounts of walleye day in and day out all season long.  The pike fishing is pretty great here too.

Not only is the fishing outstanding, it is a very easy lake to navigate with few hazards that boaters have to worry about.  You still need to be careful, but compared to some of the other popular drive walleye lakes in Ontario, this one definitely ranks up there as far as the easiest to navigate.


Gullrock Lake is one of the easiest drive to lakes to fish for walleye.  They have had good regulations to protect their fishery for a while and they have been paying off for years.  Anglers catch a ridiculous amount of walleye in this lake and big fish are here too.

Northern Pike

Red Lake is one of the best drive to lakes in Ontario for northern pike fishing.  There are huge numbers of pike here with lots of trophy fish above 40 inches long.  There is so much productive pike water to fish with the numerous bays, points, islands and offshore structure.