Two Island Lake

Two Island Lake is a decent-sized lake, but much smaller than Gullrock and Red Lake.  It does have water running in and out of it plus plenty of depth, some offshore structure to go along with lots of rock and some vegetation in the bays.  Anglers report good catches of walleye and northern pike here with trophy fish too.


Two Island Lake is a smaller lake on the chain, but you still have plenty of deeper water, offshore structure and lots of walleye from spring through fall.  While most anglers will head over to Gullrock Lake to catch a ridiculous amount of walleye, you can put up some impressive number on Two Island Lake as well.

Northern Pike

Two Island Lake has a lot of good northern pike water even though it is a smaller lake.  You have some offshore structure, feeder creeks that lead into the bays, several bays and the mouth of the river coming in from Gullrock Lake and leaving downstream towards Pakwash Lake.