Ranger Lake

Ranger Lake is a smaller lake on the Gullrock Chain of Lakes.  It is a fish sanctuary, which means it is protected from fishing early in the year to protect the spawn.  When it opens up in mid-June, the fishing can be very good in there for walleye and pike.  It is a lot smaller than Gullrock Lake and Red Lake, but at times, it can put out some big numbers of fish with big fish too.


Ranger Lake is a great lake early in the year as tons of walleye move into the lake to spawn.  Anglers can catch walleye here all season, but when it opens up early in the year, it can be outstanding for walleye.

Northern Pike

Ranger Lake holds plenty of walleye in it, especially early in the year and northern pike will be there as well to feed on these tasty fish.  It fishes like a smaller lake with a couple of feeder creeks, some smaller bays, one major point and some smaller points.  Pike will be found shallow early in the year, but once mid-summer rolls around, you’ll find them deeper as they feed on the numerous walleye that are here.