Keg Lake

Keg Lake is a much smaller lake on the Gullrock Chain, but the fishing can be very good here, especially early and late in the year.  The shallower waters have a lot more rock hazards than in Gullrock Lake, but for the anglers that spend their time to learn this lake, they get rewarded big time.  Early in the year, it’s one of the better areas to fish on the Gullrock Chain of Lakes.


Keg Lake is a smaller lake with a lot of rock hazards, but that doesn’t stop some anglers from taking advantage of the awesome walleye fishing early in the season.  You can catch walleye here year-round, but early in the year, you will find a lot of walleye in the shallower water that is found on Keg Lake.

Northern Pike

Keg Lake is a good lake for northern pike and there are some very big pike that are found here too.  Because Keg Lake is shallower with lots of rock hazards, some anglers won’t fish it much.  For those that do, it can be very productive, especially in the spring, early summer and in the fall.


Perch are a secondary species of fish on Keg Lake.  They are around though and some anglers do report good catches of them early in the year and late in the year.  If you find a school of jumbo perch, stay on them if you can because you won’t find them in huge numbers like you will the walleye here.