The Area Waters

Red Lake

Located in Red Lake, Ontario, Red Lake is an outstanding drive-to fishing lake that has several fishing resorts available to accommodate you on your fishing trip.  Red Lake is a huge lake with so much fishing potential.  It’s a numbers lake and trophy fish are very common.  In Red Lake, anglers target walleye, northern pike, lake trout, whitefish and perch.  Other lakes that you can fish that are connected to Red Lake are Keg Lake, Gullrock Lake, Ranger Lake and Two Island Lake.

The primary species of fish in Red Lake are northern pike and walleye.  Anglers do very well for numbers of walleye and pike as well as trophy-sized fish.  It’s a very good lake for both species of fish.

Perch and whitefish are available, but walleye and pike are what people come to Red Lake for.  Anglers do report an occasional smallmouth bass as well.

Gullrock Chain of Lakes

The Gullrock Lake Chain of Lakes is a popular fishing area in Ontario.  The chain totals more than 16,000 surface acres.  It’s a drive to get here, but well worth it once you arrive.  These lakes have several resorts in the area that can accommodate you on a trip here.  You will see people on a trip here, so even though you are getting away from it all, don’t expect to have the lakes all to yourself.  However, if you’re willing to move around the lakes, you should be able to find some spots all for yourself to fish.  Red Lake is the headwaters of this system.  Water flows into Keg Lake, then Gullrock Lake.  Ranger Lake & Gullrock Lake flow into Two Island Lake.

The primary species of fish in the chain are northern pike and walleye.  Anglers do very well for numbers of walleye and pike as well as trophy-sized fish.  It’s an awesome lake for trophy pike fishing.

Perch and whitefish will round out your catch in the Gullrock Chain of Lakes.  If you fish for walleye, you will most likely run into some perch, but walleye are more abundant here.

Nungesser Lake

Nungesser Lake is a drive to lake about 30 miles farther north from Red Lake, Ontario.  It’s a tough lake to get onto so just because you can drive to it doesn’t mean that you can drive your boat there and launch your boat.  You will need to stay with a camp on this lake and you will be using their boats.  It’s an awesome lake with some unbelievable fishing for walleye and northern pike.  You can catch huge numbers of both species of fish and trophy fish are here too.