Offshore Structure

Pike can often be found on offshore structure.  There will always be plenty of fish shallower around the vegetation, however, the offshore structure is how anglers consistently target and catch some of the biggest northern pike that live in the lake.


The islands are the easiest offshore structure to fish because you can find them with your eyes.  You don’t need any additional technology to find these spots.  The downside of that is that all the other anglers can find them easily too, so they will usually get pressured more than an underwater hump offshore.  Islands are usually great spots for attracting panfish, smallmouth bass and walleye.  Pike will be there also as they are always trying to keep an easy meal close by.

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Underwater Humps

Underwater humps will often hold a variety of fish and northern pike will move up onto these spots as well to find an easy meal.  These are usually better spots to fish during the summer and fall, and you’re usually going to be fishing rock, however, there will be some underwater humps that have some nice vegetation on them as well.

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The reefs provide some excellent fishing for northern pike throughout the year.  The peak time for fishing the reefs are the summer and fall.  Once water temperatures warm in the summer, northern pike will seek out cooler water temperatures.  The reefs near deeper water will hold lots of bait fish and a variety of game fish.  With the cooler water temperatures and the variety of bait, the reefs will hold good numbers of northern pike with big fish too.

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Saddles are exactly what they sound like.  Imagine a sitting on a saddle on a horse.  These fishing spots have deeper water with shallower water on two sides of them.  These areas can be some of the best spots for finding quality pike in the summer through fall.

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