Jigheads work well for using soft plastics or live bait when fishing for northern pike.

Jig & Minnow

A jig and minnow is tough to beat when fishing for northern pike, especially when you are fishing areas that don’t have lots of vegetation.  On many of the great walleye lakes up north, you will find a lot of northern pike along rocky bottoms with no vegetation.  These are great areas to target northern pike with a jighead and lively minnow.

Regular Jigheads & Soft Plastics for Action-Sized Pike

The smaller jigheads in the 1/4 to 3/8 oz. work great for rigging smaller soft plastics such as twin tail grubs, curly tail grubs, ringworms and smaller swimbaits.

Longer Shank Jigheads for Quality Pike

The longer shank jigheads are much better if you plan on upsizing your baits to target better quality pike.  The bigger soft plastics fit better on these longer jigheads, which will help you set the hook on the better pike.