The islands are the easiest offshore structure to fish because you can find them with your eyes.  You don’t need any additional technology to find these spots.  The downside of that is that all the other anglers can find them easily too, so they will usually get pressured more than an underwater hump offshore.  Islands are usually great spots for attracting panfish, smallmouth bass and walleye.  Pike will be there also as they are always trying to keep an easy meal close by.

All Islands Aren’t Equal

Often times, they all look good, but you have to be able to figure out which ones are holding fish and which ones aren’t, you aren’t going to do as well.

Fish the Weed Edges

On many islands, there will be some shallower water with some vegetation there. These areas usually hold northern pike. Often times, they will be smaller northern pike, but if you’re looking for action, cast to these areas. If there is some deeper water near these weed edges, you have a better chance of finding some quality-sized northern pike there.

Fish the Drop-off

Many islands up north will consist of lots of rock and there will usually be a nice drop-off somewhere around the island. Fish these deeper drop-offs. These spots won’t always be the best spots, but usually, the deeper water around an island will hold better quality pike and often times, more pike.

Fish the Deeper Water Farther Off the Island

On many islands up north, the water will drop off into much deeper water around the islands. On some lakes, it may be 20 to 30 feet of water. On others, it may be 40 to 60 or even deeper. The deeper water in that 15 to 30 foot range can hold some quality fish. Northern pike will often suspend out in the deeper water around the islands. So let’s say the initial drop-off goes from around 4 feet of water pretty suddenly down into 15 feet of water, then it gradually drops down into 30 feet of water and flattens out. Pike can often be found in that deeper water just a little farther away from the islands, especially in the summer and late fall.

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