Underwater Humps

Underwater humps will often hold a variety of fish and northern pike will move up onto these spots as well to find an easy meal.  These are usually better spots to fish during the summer and fall, and you’re usually going to be fishing rock, however, there will be some underwater humps that have some nice vegetation on them as well.

Get a Good Map with GPS Coordinates

For many of these offshore humps, you’re going to need your electronics to find them.  Get a good gps unit and some good mapping software so you can find these spots quickly.

Fish the Drop-Offs

The drop-offs on the sides of these underwater humps will usually hold a variety of different fish and pike will be mixed in feeding on them. Try to find some of the drop-offs that break from around 15 to 25 feet down. Slightly shallower can be quite good in murky water while clear water may require you to find drop-offs that go a little deeper.

Target Suspended Pike Near the Hump

Northern pike will often suspend off the humps out in open water. During the summer, the thermocline will set in and that will dictate the floor for where many pike will be located. Use your electronics and don’t be surprised to find pike out over 50 to 60 feet of water right around the thermocline in 15 to 25 feet of water depending on the lake you are fishing.

Weeds On Top of the Humps Will Hold Pike

Some of these underwater humps will come up enough and the shallower water on top of these humps may have some vegetation on them. When you find these spots, fish the weeds on top of them and around the edges and you should be able to find some pike.

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