Spinners work great for catching northern pike.  There are many different spinners to choose from.  Click on the links below to learn more about the different spinners.

In-line Spinners work well for northern pike.  If you are just looking to catch some pike, the smaller spinners in the 3 to 4 inch range will catch plenty of smaller pike with an occasional big fish, especially during the spring.  When you fish with the larger spinners, you won’t catch as many smaller pike, but you will definitely catch some bigger pike.  In-line spinners work great in shallower water near weeds, but you can also use them on a Carolina rig to fish these in deeper water.

Bucktail spinners are one of the best spinners that you can use when fishing for northern pike.  Cast them out and wind them in with a steady retrieve and you will do well.  The 5 to 6 inch bucktails work great for northern pike, especially, big pike.  You will catch small fish on them as well, but you’re going to catch a lot more quality fish by throwing these lures.  You can go with some of the smaller bucktails for action and if you want to go very big, you can also do that since there are so many good spinners on the market that are made for muskie.

Spinnerbaits are some of the best lures to use for northern pike fishing.  The nice thing about spinnerbaits is that they work well around scattered weeds and lily pads where northern pike are often cruising around looking for their next meal.

Northern pike love to see that swimming action from a bait, so you can definitely get more bites by adding a trailer to your spinnerbaits.  Curly tail grubs, curly tail worms and smaller swimbaits will add the right amount of kick to your spinnerbait to help draw more strikes.

Underspins are one of the best ways to rig soft plastic swimming-style baits for northern pike.  Whether you use swimbaits, curly tail grubs, ringworms or other baits, just make sure you’re rigging these with baits that have some type of swimming style action on them and you’ll get plenty of bites from northern pike.  Use the lighter jigheads for fishing around the shallows and around weeds.  Go heavier when fishing deeper water and you can connect with some big pike.  Underspins are one of the better action baits for catching northern pike.

Underspins & Swimbaits

Smaller swimbaits work great on an underspin.  These are great action baits and if you upsize the swimbaits, you can catch some very big pike too.

Underspins & Curly Tail Grubs

Adding a curly tail grub is one of the better ways to fish for pike if you’re looking for action.  Use a 4 or 5 inch grub in a baitfish color and you will catch plenty of pike.

Underspins & Curly Tail Worms

Some of the smaller curly tail worms will also work great on an underspin.  The baitfish colored worms tend to work better.

Underspins & Ringworms

Ringworms are the perfect size for action.  With an underspin, you’re going to catch a lot of northern pike, however, you’re going to catch a lot of smaller pike with some occasional bigger fish mixed in.