Catch Tons of Northern Pike

Fish the Shallower Areas with Weeds

Shallow water weeds are some of the best places for action while targeting northern pike.  Find weeds in the 4 to 6 foot range and you should find plenty of pike.  In the summer, these fish will mostly be smaller ones, but if you’re just looking for numbers, these are the spots to fish.

Use Action-Sized Lures

Use lures in the 3 to 4 inch range.  Smaller swimbaits, spinners and jigs are tough to beat when looking to target pike in the 18 to 25 inch range.  By targeting these pike with smaller lures, you can put up some big numbers in a hurry on quality pike waters.

Fish a Backcountry Lake with Limited Fishing Pressure

There are many lakes in Canada where you can catch a lot of northern pike.  These smaller, backcountry lakes receive limited fishing pressure and because some of them do not have many trophy fish in them, many people don’t bother with them, so you can catch a lot of fish in a hurry with minimal angling skills.

Learn How to Fish Deep

The deeper water will usually hold a lot of the bigger pike from summer through fall, but you can also catch lots of pike by fishing deeper from summer through fall.  Find some pike near the schools of walleye and smallmouth bass and try fishing vertical for them with a jig and minnow or soft plastics.

Tough to Beat a Jig & Minnow

Using a jig and minnow is the easiest way to catch northern pike.  Fish them shallow, deep, around rocks, weeds and wood and you will catch lots of pike if you are in good pike waters.

Fish a Bigger Lake With Lots of Bays

The bigger bodies of water in Canada that are home to lots of bays will give you so many more opportunities to keep moving and catching.  Find the pattern and keep fishing it and by the end of the bay, your numbers can add up big time.