Walleye & Sauger

Lake Pepin is a very good walleye fishery.  Anglers can catch good numbers of walleye to go along with some big fish too.

Sauger are also in Lake Pepin and there are very good numbers of them, so don’t be surprised if you end up catching a bunch of sauger while fishing for walleye.

Fish the Current

The current plays a big role in where walleye will be located, so the fish can be found in many different areas depending on what is going on with the current water levels on the river.  When the water is higher, the current breaks will usually hold more fish.  Walleye can often be found shallower during high water times as well.  When there is little to almost no current on the lake, plan on fishing it like a normal lake.

Fish the Points

There are several points throughout the lake.  These spots are worth hitting for walleye and sauger, especially when there is higher water since it will help create a nice current break on the other side of it.  The points with deeper water will be better in the summer and fall.

Fish the Rocks

Lake Pepin has a lot of rocks in it and you can catch plenty of walleye around the rocks.  From spring through fall, rocky bottoms are great places to fish.

Fish the Weeds

There is some vegetation in Lake Pepin.  In some areas, it will be too thick to work your typical walleye baits, however, the scattered vegetation and deeper weed edges will hold some walleye.  You will run into more pike in many of these areas though, so make sure you are prepared otherwise, you will be getting a lot of bite-offs.

Fish the Wood

You can find a lot of flooded timber in this lake.  A variety of fish will use the wood and walleye can be found here too.  You will find walleye on the bottom as well as some fish suspended up higher in the water column around some of the larger stumps.  A weedless jighead and a lively minnow is a great way to target the walleye here.  You will most likely catch some crappie, perch, northern pike and bass in these areas as well.

Best Baits for Walleye

Walleye eat a variety of different baits, however, when push comes to shove, it is much easier to catch them with live baits.  Minnowsnightcrawlers and leeches are definitely the best live baits for walleye.

While most anglers will just use live baits, many anglers will also target walleye with lures as well.  Crankbaits and soft plastics are the best lures for walleye, however, you can catch walleye with a variety of different lures.

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Live Baits for Walleye

Lures for Walleye

Best Rigs for Walleye

When targeting walleye, there are many different rigs that you can use to catch them.  While most anglers will keep it super simple and just use a simple jighead, many anglers will use a variety of rigs such as spinner rigs3 way rigsbottom bouncers, drop shot rigs and many others.

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Best Techniques for Walleye

Jigging is by far the most popular technique for walleye fishing, however, you can catch them a variety of different ways.  Castingtrolling and drifting are some of the other awesome techniques that anglers use.

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Learn More About Walleye

Our walleye fishing section has tons of tips on the best lures, live baits, where to catch them and how to catch them.

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