Lake Nipissing Walleye Fishing

Lake Nipissing has plenty of walleye available and tons of water to fish for them.  The west arm of the lake provides quality fishing without having to go out on the main lake to find them, so you don’t have to fish offshore if you don’t want on this lake.  However, in the summer and fall months, there are good numbers of walleye that do go offshore and hang around the schools of bait fish on the offshore structure.  This lake has good numbers of walleye available and there are a lot of big fish here too.

French River Walleye Fishing

Many anglers come here to specifically target walleye in the river.  The fishing is very good for numbers and trophy fish too.  You can also catch plenty of fish from spring through fall in the river, although, the spring and fall are definitely the peak times to be fishing here.  Whether you come here for walleye or end up having to fish here for a day or two because it is too windy to get out on the big lake, you will have plenty of options for targeting walleye.  Fish the weeds, rocks and the nice drop-offs throughout the river and you’ll find walleye.

Learn More About Walleye

Our walleye has tons of tips on the best lures, live baits, where to catch them and how to catch them.  Visit our walleye page to learn more.