Time of Day

Morning & Evening

When fishing for catfish, the early morning and late evening bite are almost always better than the middle of the day for fishing.  For the anglers that don’t want to fish at night, these low light periods of the day will be your best bet.

Night Fishing is Usually Best

It’s tough to beat the night time bite.  Anglers who want to consistently do well for catfish should learn to fish at night.  Make sure you are careful at night.  Bring plenty of lights and it’s always good to bring a buddy.  Catfish will feed throughout the night.  Some times, they will move into very shallow water to feed at night, but many times, you will still need to fish some deeper water to find the big fish.

Mid Day Can Be Tough

Fishing during the middle of the day is usually the toughest time to fish for catfish.  Anglers will often fish during the morning, evening or at night and they will bypass the middle of the day fishing altogether for catfish.  However, if you want to still fish during the day, try fishing murkier waters, rivers and the dams.  There tends to be a better mid day bite in rivers than lakes or ponds.  There also tends to be a better bite in murky water and below the dams on rivers.

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