Catch Bigger Catfish

It’s All About the Destination

There are so many big fish destinations for catfish.  Many of them aren’t popular fishing destinations, so don’t plan on finding tons of fishing resorts, bait shops and all the other amenities that you are used to finding when you go into a fishing town.  However, because there are so many good river fishing destinations, a lot of these places will be near towns that have plenty of amenities such as food, lodging, gas stations, stores, etc.  There are some very good catfish destinations that are featured on our best fishing destinations pages, however, you can find so many more good catfish spots along most major rivers throughout the country.  Take a look at our best destinations for catfish to learn more.

Fish Big Rivers

Big rivers hold big fish and most anglers aren’t coming to these rivers to target catfish, so get in your boat and go find some of the better spots on these rivers for big catfish.  Some of these rivers have enormous catfish with very little fishing pressure.

Fish Big Lakes

Big lakes will often hold big catfish too.  The large amount of water gives catfish plenty of room to roam and access to lots of bait fish.

Use Bigger Baits

Bigger catfish can eat bigger baits and they prefer big baits.  Dip baits are great, however, go with the bigger pieces of cut bait and even live bait fish to target the bigger catfish.

Fish at Night

The night time is usually the best time to fish for catfish and that is the case for big catfish too.

For Day Time Fishing, Target Murky Water

For some anglers, they don’t want to wrestle with 20 to 50 pound catfish at night.  We completely understand, so try fishing murky waters during the day for a better chance at getting a big fish without having to fish at night.  In murky water, the bite will usually be better during the day time than on clear water lakes and rivers.

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