Best Techniques

Still Fishing

This is the most popular way to target catfish.  Set your baits out in a productive looking area and wait for them to come to you.  If you’re fishing a good lake or river and you’re on a good spot, you will most likely have plenty of catfish come to your baits.  No bites, no worries, wind your bait in and cast it in another spot.  Most anglers will be fishing on the bottom when still fishing for catfish.  It can be kind of boring just waiting for a fish to bite, but when they do, it gets really exciting.


Many anglers will drift along on a river or a lake.  At times, this technique can be very productive.  For many anglers, they do better when they let their bait sit in one stop, but drifting can work and at times, it will out produce still fishing.

Slow Trolling

Slow trolling isn’t a very popular technique, but kind of like drifting, you are going to use your trolling motor to cover some water.  Move slowly and keep your baits vertical.  Anglers usually report better success by doing this for suspended catfish in open water, but it can work along the bottom too.

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